Friday, August 22, 2014

Miners Creek trail to Peak 6, Frisco and Breckenridge Colorado, Tenmile Range

Me, standing in an amazing field of flowers!
I've had a little time this summer to enjoy new trails in our beautiful state, exploring in Breckenridge a lot.  But before I share my hike on Miners Creek trail, I wanted to say "thank you all" for continuing to make this blog a great hiking resource for others.  It's been great to see comments about current trail info, positive words and even making some corrections and adding extra info or mileage on my older posts pre-smart phone days.  
Now, enough gushing, onto the posting.  
My parents are now retired and spent a month in Breckenridge to visit us and enjoy the mountains.  It was a treat to spend each weekend in Breck and to hike with my dad.   It was finally our weekend to do a long hike and the group chose Miners Creek trail to the top of Peak 6.  My dad had thought the hike would be 4-5 miles, I believed him, but it ended up being much longer. 

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Rocks favorite Colorado hiking trails

It's been an outrageous amount of time since I updated this blog and I miss it!  In the last two years, I've spent some time hiking Front Range trails, mostly trails already on this blog, with a toddler.  So, that actually means, I walk about a mile, it takes a very long time, and I don't get to properly document the trail.  

Now that Magnolia is older, and she is in school a few days per week, I am looking forward to getting back to solo hiking a few times per month.  But recently, my favorite hiking buddy, our dog Roxanne (Rock), passed away.  She was 16 years old and left us just this past Monday the 12th of May.  My heart is broken and its hard to hike on without her.  She made each trail more fun with her excitement, and she was one of those dogs that always stayed near my side, no matter what.  Rock probably liked to hike more than me, so here are a few of her favorite trails.   The next time you hike one of these trails, think of her, her spirit lives on in the mountains.