Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A day in the park; Morrison Park

Sometimes a day in the park is just what you need to get outside in the sun.   Laying in the grass and watching the clouds, running around with the dogs, climbing trees and walking throug the town of Morrison for ice cream cap off a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon. 
Josh and I had been hunting for some trails to the south of Morrison, but instead of finding trails we found this park.  The Morrison Park is a Jefferson County funded park next to Bear Creek, it has several picnic tables, a volleyball court, and the park connects to the Bear Creek paved trail that goes through Morrison Colorado and connects to other paved trails in the area.  

Getting there: From Morrison Colorado, drive west through the town of Morrison on highway 8.  Just west of Morrison Highway 8 makes a left turn and continues south; turn left and continue south on Hwy 8.  Next, make a quick right turn at the second street after the turn onto Hwy 8 named Bear Creek Ave.  There is a fork in the road just shortly after turning onto Bear Creek Ave; continue left at the fork in the road and follow the signs to the park, which is just a half a mile farther down the road, you can't miss it!  

The Park:  The park offers everything you need for a great afternoon; picnic tables, a volleyball court, horseshoes, and beautiful mountain scenery and green grass.  The park is next to Bear Creek and just a short walk down the Morrison paved trail into the town of Morrison.  The park also has pit toilets and extra parking on the road.  

Josh and I walked down the paved trail through Morrison and into the Bear Creek Park.  But we got hot and decided to walk back and get some ice cream at Ozzi's in Morrison instead.  

If you have visited Morrison Park or any other in the area, I would love to hear your input, please leave a comment. 

The park is just outside of the Denver Mountain Park headquarters.  You can get directions by clicking on the map below. 

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  1. i love this park! it's very close to town, but doesn't feel that way when you get there. It's so beautiful and always quiet never too crazy! The stream runs right along the park and they just added a playground. This is a great stop for anyone looking to get outside for some fun in the sun